A year in review

Another year is almost over. So I guess it is time to reflect on the walks I have done this year.
I have done about 50km’s of walking this year. Next year I plan to clock a lot more k’s on my boots.

I started the year off by walking from Crackneck lookout to Forresters beach and back again to Crackneck. This was a nice winter’s walk along the coastline. 

The next walk was a return walk from the motel on Freemans drive just west of Freemans waterhole. It was a hard slog up Heaton’s gap, it then passed a large communications tower. The return point is from Heaton’s lookout, with great views from north of Newcastle to south of Tuggerah lakes.  

The Wentworth loop was the highlight of the year. Leaving from and returning to Wentworth Falls station. The first few kilometres retrace Charles Darwin’s steps from when he visited Australia in 1836. This was the last year of his history changing journey on the HMS Beagle. This part of the walk follows a small but beautiful valley with a creek and many little waterfalls. The Jamison valley then opens up at Wentworth falls. The track (which changes names from Charles Darwin Walk to National Pass) crosses the falls then goes down the steep, historic, cliff hugging grand staircase. Once over the middle falls, the track clings to the cliff line passing a number of large waterfalls.  Just remember to watch out for rock falls!! The track then goes up hill with a nice stop for morning tea or lunch at the conservation hut. It then follows the top of the cliff tops with lots of good views of the valley below. More info can be found here



The walk I did before Wondabyne to Woy Woy walk was the Emerald Pool circuit in the Popran National park. This walk included interesting rock formations on the 248 track and a nice waterhole at the Emerald pools. More info can be found  here

So I am now looking forward to twenty ten and more bushwalking and blogging for you.
I hope you had a great Christmas and that you have a happy new year!



Wondabyne to Woy Woy

I took this Wedesday off (16/12/09) and did the walk from Wondabyne train station to Woy Woy station via Brisbane Waters National Park. Details of the walk are here. Of all of the walks I have done this year this would have been the hardest. Particularly the last few k’s on the flat. It is a 15.3km walk. I walked from about 11am to just before 5pm.

I have done a lot of this track when I was 16, with a lot heavier pack. That time I went onto Rocky Ponds where I stayed the night. With the many years that have passed, it makes me wonder how I did it then?!

I caught the train to Wondabyne and asked the train guard to stop the train at the only station that is in a national park in NSW and the only station in Australia that doesn't have road access to it. It has a very short platform.

Although it was around 29c degree there was a nice sea breeze all day long. After a short but steep walk up the hill behind Wondabyne the track heads north with the Pindar caves track off to the left. The track then goes into a valley passing Myron Brook and then there is a nice stop at Kariong Brook.

The track then heads back up a steep hill, then over rocky outcrops. Then up and over the side of Mt Wondabyne.

Mt Wondabyne

I did the optional sidewalk to the top Mt Wondabyne which has a altitude of about 220 metres so it won't be the highest mountain I plan to climb, but at least it was a good workout in the heat of the day. My 3 litres of water ran out about there..

Views of Ettalong, Bouddi national park and out to sea.

The track then gently winds down the hill passing Woy Woy tip and sewage treatment works. Sorry no photo's of these. Then on the flat through Woy Woy.

  Woy Woy Bay

So would I recommend this walk. Yes, but I would recommend that they take plenty of water!


Greenie is blogging

Well, this is it. I am entering a new world of blogging. Although I have been reading blogs for years, I've never had a interest in blogging.

Now that I have restarted my interest in bushwalking after too many years break from it. I thought I would share my experiences and show off some beautiful places that car loving people don't see.

Once I start writing about some interesting day and multiday walks as well as equipment feel free to comment

Stay tuned..